Principal Investigator


  • Picture of Janarthanan Rajendran
    Janarthanan Rajendran

    Co-supervisor: Doina Precup
    Research Areas: Reinforcement Learning, Lifelong Learning, Meta-Learning, Dialog Systems

  • Picture of Gonçalo Mordido
    Gonçalo Mordido

    Co-supervisor: François Leduc-Primeau
    Research Areas: Algorithm-hardware co-design, Energy-efficient neural networks

PhD Students

  • Picture of Gabriele Prato
    Gabriele Prato

    Co-supervisor: Alain Tapp
    Research Areas: Out-of-Distribution Generalization

  • Picture of Louis Clouatre
    Louis Clouatre

    Co-supervisor: Amal Zouaq
    Research Areas: NLP, sequential information

  • Picture of Simon Guiroy
    Simon Guiroy

    Co-supervisor: Chris Pal
    Research Areas: Meta-Learning, Transfer Learning

  • Picture of Andreas Madsen
    Andreas Madsen

    Co-supervisor: Siva Reddy
    Research Areas: Interpretability in NLP

  • Picture of Doriane Olewicki
    Doriane Olewicki

    Co-supervisor: Bram Adams
    Research Areas: Continual Learning for Software Engineering, Continuous Integration

  • Picture of Abdelrahman Zayed
    Abdelrahman Zayed

    Research Areas: Applying constraints to neural networks, Recurrent neural networks

  • Picture of Xutong Zhao
    Xutong Zhao

    Research Areas: Reinforcement Learning, Lifelong Learning

  • Picture of Darshan Patil
    Darshan Patil

    Research Areas: Lifelong learning, Compositionality, Learning from Instruction

  • Picture of Naga Karthik
    Naga Karthik

    Co-supervisor: Julien Cohen-Adad
    Research Areas: Continual Learning in Medical Imaging, Bayesian Uncertainty Estimation, Biomedical Image Processing

  • Picture of Hadi Nekoei
    Hadi Nekoei

    Research Areas: Multi-agent RL, Model-based RL, Lifelong Learning, Generalization in RL

  • Picture of Maziar Sargordi
    Maziar Sargordi

    Research Areas: Machine Learning, Lifelong Learning

  • Picture of Pranshu Malviya
    Pranshu Malviya

    Research Areas: Lifelong Learning, Causal Inference, Optimization

Masters Students

  • Picture of Charan Reddy
    Charan Reddy

    Research Areas: Modular Continual Learning, Multi Domain Meta Learning, Fairness in Deep Learning, Optimization

  • Picture of Ali Rahimi-Kalahroudi
    Ali Rahimi-Kalahroudi

    Research Areas: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Lifelong Learning

  • Picture of Daphné Lafleur
    Daphné Lafleur

    Co-supervisor: Gilles Pesant
    Research Areas: Algorithmic composition, Constraint programming, Machine learning

  • Picture of Jarrid Rector-Brooks
    Jarrid Rector-Brooks

    Co-supervisor: Yoshua Bengio
    Research Areas: ML for drug discovery, ML for social good, Reinforcement Learning, Optimization

  • Picture of Kshitij Gupta
    Kshitij Gupta

    Co-supervisor: Irina Rish
    Research Areas: Model-based RL, Planning, Lifelong Learning


  • Picture of Jerry Huang
    Jerry Huang

    Research Areas: NLP, Deep Learning

  • Picture of Sriyash Poddar
    Sriyash Poddar

    Research Areas: Multi-agent RL, Robotics

  • Picture of Rahul Choudhary
    Rahul Choudhary

    Research Areas: Multi-agent RL, Robotics

  • Picture of Istabrak Abbes
    Istabrak Abbes

    Research Areas: NLP, Optimization

Alumni and their next step

Masters Students