Principal Investigator

PhD Students

  • Gabriele Prato
    Co-supervisor: Alain Tapp
    Research Areas: Out-of-Distribution Generalization
  • Simon Guiroy
    Co-supervisor: Chris Pal
    Research Areas: Meta-Learning, Transfer Learning
  • Louis Clouatre
    Co-supervisor: Amal Zouaq
    Research Areas: NLP, sequential information
  • Doriane Olewicki
    Co-supervisor: Bram Adams
    Research Areas: Continual Learning for Software Engineering, Continuous Integration
  • Abdelrahman Zayed
    Research Areas: Applying constraints to neural networks, Recurrent neural networks
  • Andreas Madsen
    Co-supervisor: Siva Reddy
    Research Areas: Interpretability in NLP
  • Mojtaba Faramarzi
    Research Areas: Continual learning focused on replay and regularization methods, Data-dependent regularization for deep learning

Masters Students

  • Mohamed Ashraf Abdelsalam
    Research Areas: Incremental learning
  • Charan Reddy
    Research Areas: Modular Continual Learning, Multi Domain Meta Learning, Fairness in Deep Learning, Optimization
  • Darshan Patil
    Research Areas: Lifelong learning, Compositionality, Learning from Instruction
  • Ali Rahimi-Kalahroudi
    Research Areas: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Lifelong Learning
  • Pranshu Malviya
    Co-supervisor: Balaraman Ravindran
    Research Areas: Lifelong Learning, Causal Inference, Optimization
  • Akilesh Badrinaaraayanan
    Co-supervisor: Aaron Courville
    Research Areas: Multi-agent RL, Continual Learning
  • Daphné Lafleur
    Co-supervisor: Gilles Pesant
    Research Areas: Algorithmic composition, Constraint programming, Machine learning



Masters Students

  1. Mojtaba Faramarzi (Jan 2020 - Dec 2020) – PhD student at University of Montreal.


  1. Sam Finestone (Jun 2020 - Dec 2020) – Back to McGill University
  2. Evan Racah (Jan 2020 - Jun 2020) – Waymo