Graduate Studies Application Assistance Program for Underrepresented Students in AI

Chandar Research Lab is proud to announce the launch of its own assistance program for underrepresented students applying for AI graduate programs. This initiative aims to provide support for communities underrepresented in the field of Artificial Intelligence, in order to bridge the gap between students’ access to guidance during the process of applying to high-profile graduate programs. We offer to pair students with established PhD and postdoctoral researchers from our lab and our academic/industrial collaborators who have volunteered to deliver meaningful one-to-one feedback on CV, application material and interview preparation.

Want to get assistance? Please fill this form before November 15th, 2023!


  • This program is meant for students from communities underrepresented within the AI research community. Women and students from low income households are also encouraged to apply!
  • The information disclosed by candidates within this process will be kept strictly confidential to the program organization team. It will not be disclosed to any admissions committee, faculty or official entity. In particular, if you wish to apply to Mila, please note it will not impact in any way your recruitment process.
  • With limited spots available, please be aware that the applicants will be selected on a first-come first-served basis.